Kreisson is a law firm that values individual freedoms, and supports efforts to defend the human rights of vulnerable groups and individuals that are unable to defend themselves. That is why Kreisson supports the efforts of International Justice Mission (IJM) to promote justice worldwide.

IJM is a leading anti-slavery organisation partnering with local law enforcement to protect people in poverty from violence. The global work of IJM addresses slavery, violence against women and children and police abuse of power.

The model of IJM encompasses:

Since 1997, IJM and its partners have:

Small and international business enterprises can contribute to the promotion of human rights both domestically and abroad, by educating their employees on the ‘blind spots’ within their supply chains, and drafting procurement and employment policies that uphold transparency and protect individuals from unfair or unsafe work practices.

Importantly, under the Modern Slavery Act 2018, Australian reporting entities are required to submit a modern slavery statement to the Australian Border Force annually. To ensure compliance, businesses should develop and implement a comprehensive modern slavery risk program that provides guidance on monitoring key risks, and management strategies if any instances of slavery are identified.

The Australian construction industry is particularly exposed, due to a high quantity of imported building materials and products. Construction companies should therefore take appropriate action to continuously assess their suppliers, and undertake thorough due diligence when contracting with overseas entities for the first time.

Kreisson looks forward to supporting IJM in its mission to eradicate slavery internationally and educating our clients on what they can do to promote justice and integrity in their workplaces.

To learn more about IJM go to or follow IJM Australia on social media @ijmaus.



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