eContracts and eConveyancing: What Real Estate Agents need to know.

Presented by Kreisson and InfoTrack

Claire Martin, head of the Property Department at Kreisson, is one of Australia’s most prevalent property lawyers and has been involved in thousands of property transactions since 2000. She recently completed her LLM Applied Law (Property Law) and sits on the Law Society of NSW’s Property Law Committee and is currently the Chair of the Young Lawyers Property Law Committee.

Kreisson were the first to successfully conduct an entirely paperless conveyance in Australia last year in June and we have been actively educating those involved in the conveyancing process in the digital environment since then. As an expert of electronic conveyancing she has been championing its implementation by educating fellow legal practitioners and agents across NSW. Her aim for the seminar is to educate Real Estate Agents on the process that will become standard procedure.

You may have heard the NSW Government are phasing out Paper Certificates of Titles and have developed a pathway to phase out paper-based conveyances in NSW by 2019. In addition to the paperless settlements, electronic contracts are being electronically signed and exchanged saving agent hours of time running around and tonnes of unnecessary paper.

Kreisson use electronic platforms to manage the provision of eContracts and the integration into PEXA for an entirely paperless conveyancing experience. Claire will discuss the history and legality of the systems currently being used as well as the practical benefits that agents should be aware of.

Click here for more information on the digital revolution to the NSW property industry.

John Ahern, CEO of InfoTrack, will discuss how agents can use InfoTrack’s electronic conveyancing platform to save time and money, and increase security.

You will see a step-by-step demonstration of a fully electronic conveyance and learn how you can begin to implement this simple technology into your transactions.

This presentation will help you understand how to use eConveyancing tools to work more efficiently and make the conveyancing process easier and more flexible for your clients.

The presentation will cover:

  • NSW electronic conveyancing transition timeline
  • Demonstration of the end-to-end eConveyancing process
    • Electronic contracts
    • Electronic signing & exchange
    • Electronic settlement
  • Benefits of eConveyancing for real estate agents
  • How to implement eConveyancing tools in a way that works for you


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