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Kreisson is an innovative and progressive law firm based in the Sydney CBD, which provides legal services to developers.

We offer an alternative to top tier law firms for clients who are seeking focused, personalised and value-added property law services. We are a qualified, licensed and experienced Legal Service Provider with the proven capacity to provide a range of conveyancing, property and commercial law related activities and value for money.

Kreisson provides full conveyancing services for the acquisition and purchase of property including the purchase and sale of off-the-plan properties, single or multi-property dwellings, development sites. Our highly experienced team can also provide service and advice over a wide range of property law matters.


We have the experience, expertise and team to work with developers and purchasers in all aspects, including:
  • Purchases
  • Development approvals
  • Finance
  • Sales off-the-plan
  • Advice on stamp duty
  • Property development
  • Full conveyancing services for large land acquisitions including the purchase and development of Greenfield and Brownfield sites
  • Building contracts
  • Strata issues
  • Title survey issues
  • Electronic conveyancing and PEXA services
  • Multiple sales
  • Leasing issues
  • Mortgage related inquiries and consents


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From buying and selling development sites to development approvals, construction matters and estate matters, Kreisson will guide developers through the whole process to ensure all matters are dealt with promptly, commercially and transparently.

Acquisitions and sales or leasing of property interests are handled in a smooth, stress-free manner to meet your individual needs and situation.

Kreisson elect to participate in PEXA (electronic settlements) which provides a reduction of risk associated with cheques and fraudulent documents, as well as an immediate distribution of funds.

Excellence is key to the Kreisson philosophy and culture. We create practical and commercial legal solutions, connect those solutions with our clients’ business objectives and deliver those solutions efficiently and responsively.

David Glinatsis

Managing Director

Anish Wilson

Senior Associate

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