Building Defects and Strata

Kreisson provides legal services to Strata Managers and Owners Corporations dealing with defective building work and Home Warranty Insurance Claims.

Our team is highly experienced in building matters and contains a diverse range of people with industry qualification and in-house experience.

The investigation and remediation of defective building work is complex and requires quality service provided in a timely manner to meet budget and time constraints. In addition, Owners Corporations often need guidance through the multitude of legal conditions.

Should the issues remain unresolved and it is necessary to commence proceedings in a tribunal or court, our team is experienced in the day-to-day management of proceedings in all NSW courts and tribunals.

We provide a complete service engaging relevant professionals such as engineers, building consultants and quantity surveyors to provide expert advice. The benefit of such an experienced team is that we can determine the issues quickly and, as a result, spend less time and money reaching a resolution


To ensure the best outcome for your claim, our team is available to advise you at any stage in the process.

Our building and construction team has extensive. experience in the preparation and management of home warranty insurance claims having both been engaged by insurers to investigate and advise on claims and engaged by owners to prepare and lodge claims.

The law provides that before a claim is accepted an owner must first pursue a builder for completion of the building work or rectification of the defects,

except where a builder has become insolvent, died or disappeared. At this point, the owner may lodge an insurance claim where home warranty insurance has been provided for the works.

Lodging of a claim can be complex, as the regulations provide for different time periods within which claims may be made and also limits the type of defective work which will be covered.

The Kreisson approach results in services that:

– offer relevant, tailored solutions to our clients;

– are delivered through clear communications;

– creates measurable value for our clients;

– are a unique combination of innovation, consistency and dependability.


Kreisson offers a complete service to Owners Corporations seeking rectification of defective building work or making Home Warranty Insurance claims. Our team can:
  • Advise on the process and costs of identifying defective building work
  • Oversee the inspection and identification of defective building work and preparation of a scope of works
  • Arrange costing of the rectification and quotations for undertaking the work
  • Pursue the builder/developer and/or contractors if they are solvent
  • Prepare and lodge home warranty insurance claims
  • Liaise with insurers during the rectification process
  • Ensure that the rectifications are completed satisfactorily

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can work with you.

For more information, please contact Kreisson on +61 2 8239 6500.


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