Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Kreisson provides legal services to Principals, builders and contractors using BIM and smart information and communication technology.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is seen by many in the construction and infrastructure industry as the way of the future. The implementation of this smart technology does however raise a number of challenges in the use of protocols, contracts and insurance.

The Kreisson team is at the forefront of the BIM revolution through constant interaction with key players and regular updating of their knowledge, both technically and legally, from relevant industry and legal sources.


Kreisson can advise on and prepare contracts for BIM implementation for federated and integrated BIM projects, the integration of BIM protocols in contracts and the use of BIM for delay and other claims.

The construction industry is in the process of implementing new ways of designing, planning, building and managing infrastructure through the use of smart information and communication technology.

The new digital technologies and systems have the capacity to transform the design and construction management of infrastructure and assets, the management of new and existing assets and the operation of transport, communications, energy and utility systems. One of the new digital systems is BIM.

In theory BIM leads to cheaper, quicker and better buildings primarily because BIM allows the resolution of construction difficulties in a virtual model before construction and for more accurate calculation of quantities for tendering.

It has been recognised however that BIM can present a number of legal issues especially with the type of contracts required and their terms, liability, insurance and intellectual property. If you are involved in projects where BIM capabilities are required then Kreisson can advise you on these issues.

The Kreisson approach results in services that:

– offer relevant, tailored solutions to our clients;

– are delivered through clear communications;

– creates measurable value for our clients;

– are a unique combination of innovation, consistency and dependability.


Kreisson understands the ever increasing role building information modelling (BIM) has to play in the modern construction and infrastructure industry. Our experienced team of lawyers can:
  • Advise on and prepare contracts suitable for BIM projects;

  • Advise on the integration of BIM protocols into standard contracts;

  • Advise on the risk profile for insurance in BIM contracts;

  • Assist our clients in the management of risks and the protection of their rights in BIM projects;

  • Advise on liability, confidentiality and copyright issues;
  • Advise on the use of BIM in the preparation of claims for delay; and
  • Prepare claims using BIM to support time delay

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss ways in which we can work with you.

For more information, please contact Kreisson on +61 2 8239 6500.


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