Virtual Modelling in the Real World – Creative BIM

Braith McClure, AAM’s General Manager of Surveying will be presenting on the use of smart technology for modelling the real and imaginary world. Braith will be sharing his experience on the use of drone technology, visualisation, satellite imagery, aerial survey and multi-source spatial display in BIM.

AAM is an award winning geospatial services company specialising in the collection, analysis, presentation and delivery of geospatial information. In brief, AAM digitise the real world.

AAM is a world-wide company assisting many governments and organisations with various projects related to designing and developing smart cities and current projects include the digital mapping of Singapore to create a virtual Singapore.

Geospatial technology also has an emerging relevance to the construction and infrastructure industries so come along and hear about the latest in virtual BIM, the technology that is available and examples of its use in construction and infrastructure projects.

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