Resources & Environment

At Kreisson, we understand that the legal and regulatory landscape within the resources and environment sector requires careful navigation and an unwavering attention to detail.

Our resources and environment experience, comprehensive support and tailored solutions help our clients to achieve their goals while adhering to standards, keeping their projects on track and on time

What we do

We provide comprehensive legal services for clients in the highly technical and large-scale resources and environment sector. Our expertise includes energy and extractive resource projects, where we offer tailored support to contractors, engineering service providers, affected landowners, and occupiers.

Our dedicated team of legal professionals has a deep understanding of the complex legal and regulatory landscape governing resources and environment projects

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We assist clients in navigating the unique challenges and high stakes associated with these sectors. Our services cover contract negotiation and drafting, risk management, dispute resolution, regulatory compliance, and environmental impact assessments.

In short, we fully understand the significant investments and potential environmental implications involved in resources and environment projects. Our goal is to help clients achieve their objectives while adhering to the highest industry standards and minimising risks. We work closely with project teams, engineers, and technical experts to provide effective and strategic legal advice throughout every stage of our clients’ projects.

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What we do

Our experience

With a track record handling claims up to the value of $5B, you can be assured of our experience in contract negotiation, framework agreements, benefit sharing arrangements, and joint venture agreements. We handle environmental damages claims, regulatory and environmental compliance, and the drafting of complex negotiation protocols. Our team’s expertise extends to mining royalty entitlements and claims, as well as litigation and arbitration in energy, resource extraction, and environment-related ventures.

Types of project

Resource Extraction & mining
Power/energy plants
LNG plant infrastructure
Environmental damage

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