Kreisson's expert legal team provides comprehensive support and tailored solutions for clients navigating the complex engineering project landscape, ensuring their interests are protected and their objectives are achieved throughout the entire process.

What we do

The often highly technical field of engineering needs a meticulous approach to legal issues. Our team of engineering law experts offers comprehensive support and guidance across the engineering project lifecycle, addressing the unique challenges faced by engineering projects across a range of industries.

At Kreisson, we assist clients in structuring, drafting, negotiating, and administering contracts to protect their interests throughout every stage of their engineering projects.

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Our team proactively helps clients avoid and resolve disputes related to delays, defects, variation claims, payments, and terminations. We utilise adjudication, mediation, expert determination, as well as the Courts and arbitration to achieve the results needed.

We take a rigorous approach to developing and testing evidence-based positions to substantiate legal entitlements. Our team conducts thorough quantum audits to assess the merit of variation, time-related, and other damages claims in technical contexts. We prepare robust arguments for mediation, litigation, and arbitration.

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What we do

Our experience

Our lawyers have an unrivalled depth of experience in highly technical industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction and engineering, and infrastructure. The Kreisson team benefits from an array of backgrounds including in-house lawyers, those dual-qualified in engineering and law, and private practice lawyers with extensive experience in engineering disputes.

Over many years, we have developed agile and efficient work practices to manage large legal and technical teams in complex claims and legal disputes for major infrastructure and commercial projects throughout Australia. We have expertise in a broad range of engineering disciplines including civil, mining, mechanical, hydraulics, fire, marine, fluid mechanics, environmental, and electrical.

Types of project

Civil works
Mechanical, electrical and fire services installations
Cable installations
Major dredging works
Offshore resources loading facilities
Telecommunication networks
Structural engineering and defects claims

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