Client Workshops

As part of our services we do provide complimentary in-house 45 minute education workshops for our clients, at their premises, which draw on our experience and technical expertise. Our workshops cover a range of topics.

Alternatively, we can tailor a workshop to your needs on most building and construction law topics. Contact us to discuss your requirements and our half-day or full-day fees.
Client Workshop Categories:

Time Limits for Defective Building Claims

There are a number of avenues open for parties to pursue builders and contractors for repair of defective building work however they all come with their own set of rules and time limits within which action must be commenced in a court or tribunal. This seminar will outline the most common grounds to pursue contractors or developers, what is involved and when proceedings must be commenced.

Understanding home warranty insurance

Home warranty insurance is for many builders just another insurance that is provided when they commence a job but in practise it opens the builder up to a lot of liabilities that they may have never thought they had. This topic explores the legal requirements for home warranty insurance, when it operates, what is the claims process and how a builder may be liable for the cost of repairs. We will also examine the implications of providing deeds of indemnity to the home warranty insurer.

What happens in a SafeWork NSW investigation?

If an accident or incident occurs on my building site what is the SafeWork NSW investigation process, what information do I have to provide and what penalties could I receive. We will also look at what the likely costs are of complying with SafeWork NSW directions or defending a prosecution and how I can cover the risk of those costs.