Client Workshops

As part of our services we do provide complimentary in-house 45 minute education workshops for our clients, at their premises, which draw on our experience and technical expertise. Our workshops cover a range of topics.

Alternatively, we can tailor a workshop to your needs on most building and construction law topics. Contact us to discuss your requirements and our half-day or full-day fees.
Client Workshop Categories:

Security of Payment

Security of Payment legislation is often thought to apply mainly in commercial building but the legislation can be used to secure payment in many residential building scenarios. This topic will examine those scenarios where security of payment legislation applies and how the process works. It will be particularly relevant to subcontractors but in many situations a builder of residential work is also entitled to make a payment claim under the legislation.

The do’s and don’ts of building contracts

NSW building legislation clearly defines what must go into a building contract and this topic will provide an overview of what is required and why a written contract is essential. We will also examine how mistakes can be made in contract preparation even though standard form contracts are used.

The do’s and don’ts of building disputes

Building disputes can occur at any stage of the building process. Disputes can be costly and damaging to your reputation and with disputes, prevention is always better than the cure. In this topic we will examine the reasons why disputes start, what can be done to prevent them and how to manage them when they occur.

The Home Building Act explained

The Home Building Act 1989 is the rule book for residential building in NSW. It is essential that contractors are aware of the legal requirements for their business in order to avoid costly mistakes. This seminar provides an overview of what the Act contains and how it applies to residential building contractors. Topics discussed will include contracts, licencing, statutory warranties, warranty insurance and disputes.

The new Strata Scheme legislation changes

The new strata scheme legislation is to be introduced during the latter half of 2016. There are reportedly 90 changes to the existing legislation with significant changes allowing among other things, easier collective sales, developer’s to provide bonds for defective building work, new by-laws and greater potential for use of electronic communication. To help you get across these changes this seminar presents in a concise manner the most relevant changes and how they will impact the strata world.