Client Workshops

As part of our services we do provide complimentary in-house 45 minute education workshops for our clients, at their premises, which draw on our experience and technical expertise. Our workshops cover a range of topics.

Alternatively, we can tailor a workshop to your needs on most building and construction law topics. Contact us to discuss your requirements and our half-day or full-day fees.
Client Workshop Categories:

Applying for a builders licence

There are fairly stringent requirements for obtaining a building licence in NSW and the application process is managed by Fair Trading. The application process can be a minefield for those not used to navigating the Fair Trading website or who do not understand the documentation required. In addition there are strict parameters for the type of experience required. In this topic we discuss the application requirements and the type of experience required.

Home Warranty Insurance Claims explained

Home Warranty Insurance in NSW is compulsory insurance cover builders must have in place when undertaking residential building work over $20,000. There are a number of restrictions on the period of cover and the amount of cover and there are strict procedures for notification and lodging of claims. This seminar will provide a comprehensive analysis of home warranty insurance and the procedures involved. This is essential knowledge for homeowners and anyone advising residential building owners on remedies for defective building work.

Investigating Defective Building Claims

The secret to successful claims for compensation for defective building work is often the accurate identification of the defective building work and a method of repair. For court or tribunal cases this involves the use of industry experts in their relevant field however these experts must be instructed appropriately to comply with the court or tribunal procedures. This seminar will look at the nature of defective building work and how to assess whether it is defective, how experts are qualified and engaged and what the courts and tribunals require of expert reports. This will provide industry participants and homeowners with knowledge on how they can address the investigation of defective building work.

Liability for building defects

Contractors can be found liable for defective building work in a number of ways including for a breach of statutory warranties, a breach of contract or through negligence. NSW home building legislation provides that statutory warranties for residential building work will be implied into every contract between a contractor and a homeowner and a subcontractor and a builder. The warranties provide that the build and/or subcontractor will be liable for repair of any defective building work for up to two years for non-structural and 6 years for structural work. This topic examines

NCAT and Court disputes

Unfortunately some building disputes end up in the NSW Civil and Administration Tribunal (NCAT) or a Court and this process can be costly and time consuming. This topic will review the process for making an application to commence a proceeding in either jurisdiction, which jurisdiction is suitable, what is involved in a proceedings, the potential costs and options on how you proceed. We will also look at what happens if a judgment is made against you.