The NSW Government has introduced major legislative change which will pose far reaching
regulatory and enforcement implications for design and building practitioners.

Major events over the last 3-4 years have prompted legislative change in favour of increased compliance regulation and enforcement measures to protect consumers where there is a finding of building defects.

Central to these recent changes are two Acts:

Design & Building Practitioners Act 2020 (NSW)

The Act clarifies the accountabilities of design and building practitioners and regulates the accuracy of works in compliance with the Building Code of Australia ('BCA').

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Residential Apartment Buildings
(Compliance & Enforcement Powers)
Act 2020 (NSW)

The Act makes provision for the active involvement of inspectors well before the completion of the building to investigate serious defects.

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The recent legislative changes to the building & construction industry pose newfound commercial risks to design and building practitioners across NSW.

With 100+ years combined experience in building & construction law, KREISSON is well-equipped to aid in the management of these risks and provide the expert advice you need to protect your interests.

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