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Posted Oct 30, 2015 UPDATE: Agents Underquoting Act

The recent boom of the Sydney Property market has caused the State Government to take action. The penalty for a Real Estate Agent to underquote a property is a fine of up to $22,000.00, however in the past thirteen years, not one case of underquoting lead to a conviction. On 22 October the Bill for…

Posted Oct 14, 2015 Buying off the plan? Good idea or not?

As Sydney’s property market hits another all-time high, fears of property developer greed are revealed. What is buying off-the-plan? Ultimately you are buying a bundle of rights to purchase something that is not yet in existence. Usually a unit that has been designed, but not yet built or the plans of subdivision have not yet…

Posted Nov 06, 2013 General Tips on Unregistered Mortgages

Lending money can have its pitfalls. The key for the lender is to ensure that moneys advanced are properly secured. If a borrower wishes to secure moneys advanced by way of an unregistered mortgage, the borrower should consider at least the points below. What considerations should be given when moneys are proposed to be advanced…