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Recent Changes: Resignation Of Company Directors


Important Changes for the Design and Building Practioners Effective 1 July 2021


Phoenix Activity: When Legality Turns Murky


Using “Without Prejudice” Without Error

SOPA Update on Supporting Statements

Payment Schedules: Make Your First Shot Your Best Shot

New Sopa Changes for Residential Builders Commenced 1 March 2021

A New Way To Restructure Corporate Debts

Signing Off, 2020: Can One Director’s Signature On a Company Document Bind The Company?

Recent Building & Construction Law Reform

Know Your Limits – An Insight Into Limitation Periods And What They Mean For Your Contracts

“Game Changer” For Developers: The Residential Apartment Buildings (Compliance and Enforcement Powers) Act 2020 (NSW)

Certifiers And Building Professionals NSW – Further Developments In The Regulation And Conduct of Certifiers

Security Of Payment Act: Court of Appeal Decision Settles Law Regarding Supporting Statements

Security of Payment Act: The role of reference dates revisited by the Court of Appeal

Podcast: Combustible Cladding Ep. 3

Podcast: Combustible Cladding Ep. 2

Biowood: When A Building Product Is Found Wanting

Keep Payce With The Power Of The Security of Payment Act

MBA Webinar: Building License Requirements

eBook: Impacts of Coronavirus – Remedies for Construction & Commerce

eBook: Combustible Cladding

The New COVID-19 Emergency Measures Legislation in NSW

In the Future, know the Power of Instructions

Podcast: Combustible Cladding Ep. 1

Combustible Cladding Update 2020

“Are we there yet?” Release of First Report of NSW Inquiry into Regulation of Building Standards, Building Quality and Building Disputes

“Delay Dismay” New Supreme Court Case on Construction Delays

Regulation Overhaul for Certifiers

“How Much is Your Work Worth?” High Court revisits Quantum Meruit

Draft Design and Building Practitioners Bill 2019

CC Builders –v– Milestone Civil Judicial Review of Adjudication

SOPA Authorised Nominating Authority Draft Code of Practice Released

What constitutes a valid Payment Schedule?

Have you done your time? HBA Licence Application Appeals

Lendlease -v- Timecon: A Contract or ‘Other Arrangement’ under the SOP Act

Your Contract, Your Risk: A Course On How To Manage Construction Contracts To Better Secure Project Success

The Security of Payment Act: A Course On How The New Changes Will Affect Your Business

Deemed Statutory Trusts Proposal to Protect Subcontractors

Amendments to the Security of Payment Act are commencing 21 October 2019

Guidance on Security for Construction Projects: Industry Discussion Paper – December 2018


Update on Construction Procurement Methods for NSW Government Projects

NSW Government: 10 Point Construction Action Plan

Next Steps in Building Regulation Reforms – “Building Stronger Foundations”

NSW Proposed Reforms to the Building Industry

Mascot Towers and Opal Tower: Changes Imminent for the Construction Industry to Restore Consumer Confidence

Recent Decision Opens SOPA Window for Liquidators

Residential Property Developers and Purchasers Affected by Cladding Legislation Changes

New Draft Security of Payment Act Regulations 2019: Open for Public Consultation

The Royal Commission’s Effect on the Mortgage Broking Industry

Are your PPSR Registrations about to expire?

eBOOK: Guide to the Royal Commission into Aged Care

SOPA: What does it mean for Adjudicators to act “In Good Faith”?

UPDATE: Preliminary Hearing for Royal Commission into Aged Care

Property Law Update: January 2019

An update on the Security of Payment Reforms – Implementation Options Paper

Some guidance from the Royal Commission into Aged Care

The Royal Commission into Aged Care

Property Pinot Pizza

SOPA Bill – Some Key Changes

SOPA Reform Bill Released on 24 October 2018

“Off the plan” and “digital savvy” property Bill introduced

Security of Payment Masterclass 2018

Personal liability for directors and managers of corporations under Security of Payment reforms

Aluminium Composite Panel Ban commenced 15 August 2018

Hot off the press: Draft Security of Payment Amendment Bill 2018 released for public comment

A Safe harbour and Relief from Termination Clauses

Risky business – informal administration of a construction contract

Reference Dates Will Accrue


How to Negotiate Your Agency Agreements

New Light on Supporting Statements

Error in Construction or a Wrong Understanding of Law?

Insights on the Murray Review: Will We Be Freed From Time Bars?

Security of Payment Review Report Released

Insights on the Murray Review: Harmonised Security of Payment

Court Finds Compulsory Acquisition Invalid: “…State does not have open slather.”

Liquidators Can Disclaim Environmental Costs

New SOPA Decision—“Merits Count”

New Laws: GST On New Properties

Combustible Cladding Update

Proposed Changes to the Developer Bond Scheme

Pre-Separation Financial Agreements

eContracts As A Part of eConveyancing

eConveyancing Update

Valentine’s Day Delivers an Unsurprising End to a Long Journey

What is a Pay When Paid Provision?

Chain of Responsibility laws introduced in Queensland for Non Conforming Building Products

Reforms to Improve Fire Safety Certification Commenced 1 October 2017

Legislative Updates to the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act

Draft Regulation for Identifying Combustible Cladding in NSW

Disrupters in Construction & Property 2018

Developer Bonds—A Quick and Easy Fix for Defects?

“Legally Unreasonable”: Perhaps New Ground to Challenge Adjudication Determinations?

New law banning unsafe building products in NSW started on 18 December 2017

NSW Government Discussion Papers: Off-the-Plan Contracts for Residential Property

NSW Government Discussion Papers: Removing Barriers to Electronic Land Contracts

Service by Aconex and the Security of Payment Act

Reference date, preconditions, supporting statements and service by a “good Samaritan” all in one SOPA case

12 Things You Should Know When Preparing To Buy At Auction

A Deeming Provision and a Contractual Fiction

eConveyancing: principles, platforms and procedures

Release of interim Senate Report into non conforming cladding

Security of Payment Masterclass

What You Need to Know About Buying a Terrace House

Caveatable Interest and Priority Notices

Prevention, Good Faith and an Extension of Time

Non compliant supporting statement means payment claim is invalid

Can the re-agitation of payment claims ever be OK?

Date of Practical Completion: Update from the NSW Court of Appeal

Can a Subcontractor prevent a call being made on a performance bond?

Hello from the other side… of the PPS Bill

Compulsory Acquisition of Land—How it Works

Australia By Design

First Home Owners NSW

Personal liability for false and misleading statutory declarations

Home Building Compensation Reform is Coming

High Court to consider further security of payment issues

Defects Bond to commence on 1 January 2018

Development of AS 11000 has been cancelled

Overcoming fear and finding a buddy to play with in the PEXA playground

No liquidated damages does not necessarily mean “no damages”

Sweeping new changes proposed to reform current government home warranty insurance monopoly scheme in NSW.

NSW Retail Leases Act amendments – Effective from 1 July 2017

“When a USB Just Will Not Do!”

“What is the Reference Date?”

When is Practical Completion Reached?

News Updates From Around the Country

Make sure you “stay” at the same time you have a “go”.

eContracts and eConveyancing: What Real Estate Agents need to know.

Ignorance, Uncertainty and Human Errors in Contemporary Construction

BIM Project Strategy, Procurement and Contractual Risk

An Australian First – National Standards on BIM

Private Home Warranty Insurance Provider Named

The ABCC powers in payment disputes

Another Security of Payment Review

Security of Payment: Payment Withholding Request – How to get the Money

Podcast: Innovation in Construction

Podcast: Innovation in Construction

When Developers and Strata Managers Don’t Mix

Payment Claims: A Valid Reference Date is an Essential Requirement

Door Closes on Challenges to Decisions of Adjudicators

Be Prepared: How the new ABCC and Building Code will impact the construction industry

Innovation in the Construction Industry: 2017 Seminar Programme Launch

Coming up next year…

The New ABCC Legislation

Private Home Warranty Insurer Announces Entry into the Market

Home Building Compensation Reform

Using Other People’s Plans Can Be Costly


Builders Licence Refusal Overturned

Foreigners buying Australian Property in NSW

Collective Sales and Renewals Seminar

Ladder Safety

Upcoming changes in Certification

Sub-Contractors’ Liabilities Under the Home Building Act

Podcast: Unfair Contracts Seminar

Podcast: Unfair Contracts Seminar

Handy Hints on Buying A Home

LPI Privatisation Bill Introduced to Parliament

New Complaints Register and Impact on Building Industry

Security of Payment Masterclass

Experts and Expert Reports Masterclass (Consultants Only)

PODCAST: Builders License Applications in the ACT and NSW

PODCAST: Builders License Applications in the ACT and NSW

Tribunal Considers: What is a Structural Defect?

Unfair Contracts

Grounds to challenge determinations of Adjudicators

Six Minutes With Claire Martin (Law Society Journal)

Award Winning Service



Unfair Contract Terms and the Construction Industry

Podcast: Strata Scheme Changes – How Will They Affect You?

Podcast: Strata Scheme Changes - How Will They Affect You?

Podcast: BIM for Hong Kong – The New Frontier

Podcast: BIM for Hong Kong - The New Frontier

How eCos & eSigning are revolutionising the way Australians are buying and selling property

The future has arrived! Today on page 3 of the Australian Financial Review…

Strata Scheme Changes – How Do They Affect You?

Kreisson | sign2Exchange Case Study

Kreisson TV: Home Warranty Insurance

Kreisson TV: PEXA

Kreisson TV: Defective Building Claims

Kreisson TV: Property – 8 Tips

Land Owners Liability for Defective Building Work in Developments

Podcast: Virtual Modelling in the Real World – Creative BIM

Podcast: Virtual Modelling in the Real World - Creative BIM

Stamp Duty and Land Tax Issues

Asbestos Dangers For Homeowners, Home Buyers And Renovators

Court Finds That The Builder Should Pay For A New Home Where The Slab Is Defective

The Proposed Statutory Adjudication in Hong Kong

Virtual Modelling in the Real World – Creative BIM

Out of Time, Out of Luck: It’s all in the Timing

Government Inquiry Recommends a National Approach for BIM

Internationally Challenging: High Court of Australia Grants Freezing Order to a Foreign Party in Support of a Foreign Judgment

Design Liabilities

Theiss Pty Ltd and John Holland Pty Ltd v Parsons Brinckerhoff Australia Pty Ltd [2016] NSWSC 173

The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption

Collapses and Defects in Construction: Who’s to Blame and How to Prevent Them (by Dr Sean Brady)

PIF Annual Charity Yachting Regatta

The Whole Project Package

Failure to Comply with PPSA Leads to Significant Financial Loss

New Asbestos Dangers in the Construction Industry


To Arbitrate or Litigate? Well that depends on what you agreed.


ICC Arbitration Decisions

Major Reforms proposed to HBCF and SOPA

Building Information Modelling and Insurance

Financing Options for Property

Amendments to the International Arbitration Act 1974 (Aust)


Buyers Agents -Time and Money

Selling to a Developer? – Love thy neighbour – Super lots

PPSA reforms from 15 October 2015: Beware if leasing or hiring goods.

Managing Building and Engineering Contracts

Home Warranty Insurance and Bankrupt Builders

Third Party Funding in Hong Kong

10th Birthday and Christmas Party

NAWIC Champagne Night – view from the top!

Western Australian decision of Laing v Samsung – Payment Dispute

PPSA Seminar


Improvements and Innovations in International Arbitration

Implications for Developers in the amended Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015

Impending Changes to Strata Legal Services Obligations

Security for Home Warranty Insurance

Applying for an individual builders license

Leasing pitfalls

Impact of rezoning

UPDATE: Agents Underquoting Act

NSW Security of Payment legislation – Supporting Statements, more paperwork?

Security of Payment and Australian Standards Update Seminar

Hong Kong Arbitration Week – October 2015

Buying off the plan? Good idea or not?

Non-Compliant Products In The Building Industry

2015/16 Construction Industry Trends and Forecast

Emergency Measures in International Arbitration

Strata Titles Act 1973 is getting a make over

Buying a property – some tips on buying your new home

Solutions for Developers

The Sale Process

Can you bank on it?

Impact of Technology on Conveyancing in NSW

HKLTI – Contract Essentials 2015 Seminar 3 July 2015

The State of Origin and the State of Your Contracts – Seminar Evening 17 June 2015

Conference & Summit on International Arbitration

Important Note for all companies in the Construction Industry and Owners, Owners Corporations, Strata-Managers, Property Investors and Owner-Builders

News Alert: Retention Money Trust Scheme to commence from 1 May 2015

NSW Supreme Court reviews Reference Date for Post Termination Security of Payment Act (SOPA) claims and the meaning of “Construction Work”

Newsflash: Senate has announced Inquiry into insolvency in the Building and Construction Industry

PIF Annual Charity Yachting Regatta, Sydney Harbour 13 March 2015

Recent Home Building Act Amendments

Security of Payment Update

Defects must be dealt with

The End of PPSR Transitional Period is Near

Security of Payment Reform: Unpacking the Changes

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Bill Passed in Both Houses

Power to the People – Strata Reform Update: Position Paper Released in November 2013

General Tips on Unregistered Mortgages

Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Amendment Bill 2013

Review of Home Building Act 1989: Update Position Paper Released September 2013

Government Responds to Report on Construction Industry and Insolvency Inquiry

A “Maiden” PPSA Decision: Are your security interests perfected?

Understanding HOW Insurance

What you should know about Owners Corporations

‘Dealing with Change’ – Variation Management. 8 Practical Tips.

Recent Amendments to the Home Building Legislation

Importance of Good Documentation