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The New Amended Strata Schemes Management Bill
Presenter: Kelvin Keane

  • Developers and Builders will be affected by the introduction of the amended Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 (“the Bill“), which is to commence on 1 July 2016.
  • The Bill provides a defect bond and inspection regime which is to be carried out within the first 2 years after the building is completed and which will require the lodgement of 2% of the contract price as security for rectification of any defects.

This presentation will outline the application of the Bill and the issues that Developers and Builders will need to be aware of in relation to the time restrictions and contractual implications for retention money and the defects liability period.

How Technology is Impacting Conveyancing
Presenter: Claire Martin

Major changes in technology acceptance is impacting the work styles and efficacy of Legal Practitioners working in the Transactional Property Law sector.

  • PEXA – Electronic Settlements – Overseen by the Reserve Bank of Australia and in conjunction with the Eastern Seaboard State’s Governments, PEXA provides a safer, faster and more efficient settlement process. With less “human errors” and quicker access to clear funds, this is going to eventually compress settlement times to within a week from exchange and increase the velocity of change, especially for re-finances.
  • eContracts – saving the planet, save a fortune and save on time. eContracts allow purchasers to enter into binding eContracts for the purchase of property. Depending on the Local Council, eContracts can be issued within 48 hours from receiving instructions.
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